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Spenta Mainyu GATHA

Song 12

Progressive Mentality

(6 stanzas -- Days 170th to 175th)

170th Day 

Transliterated Text: 

spet mainy vahishtc manangh
hac asht shyaothanc vacanghc
ahmi dn haurvt amerett
mazd xshathr rmait ahur.

Translated Text: 

To him who, through progressive mentality, performs his duties best
in thoughts, words, and deeds in accordance with righteousness,
the Wise God grants wholeness and immortality
through sovereignty and serenity.

(Gathas: Song 12.1) 

Summary Substance: The progressive mentality is the creative and promotive faculty endowed in our mind by Mazda Ahura, the Super-Intellect Being.  It makes us renovate and promote our environment, our world. One, who performs his duties in the best righteous manner, is granted wholeness, perfection, immortality and eternity through his/her sovereignty, independence, serenity and tranquility. 

Pondering Points: Progressive Mentality leads to Perfect Immortality.       

171st Day 

Transliterated Text

ahy manyush spnishtahy vahishtem
hizv uxdhish vanghush en manangh
rmatish zastiby shyaothan verezyat
y cist, hv pat ashahy mazd.

Translated Text: 

He receives the best from the most progressive mentality
who speaks words of good mind with his tongue,
and performs, with his own hands, deeds of serenity
because he has one perception: 
the Wise One is the creator of righteousness.

(Gathas: Song 12.2) 

Summary Substance: Here is a creative person who utilizes best his progressive mentality and then translates good thoughts into words and deeds - deeds that give serenity, provide tranquility.  That shows such a person's perception.  Righteousness, the Universal Law of Precision is the creation of Mazda.  One should always be right and precise in thoughts, words and deeds. 

Pondering Points: Progressive mentality gives stability, stability helps perceive God and comprehend the divine precision.

172nd Day 

Transliterated Text: 

ahy manyush tvm ah t spet
ahmi gm rny-skeretm hm-tashat
at hi vstri rm-d rmaitm
hyat hm voh mazd hme-frasht manangh.

Translated Text: 

You are the promoter of this mentality
which created the joy-bringing world for him,
and have granted peace and serenity for his settlement,
because, Wise One, he had consulted good mind.

(Gathas: Song 12.3) 

Summary Substance: Mazda is the promoter of the progressive mentality, the creative faculty.  It fashions the joy-bringing world for human beings.  It gives them serene peace and prosperity in settlements.  All this happens only after humans consult their good mind. 

Pondering Points:  Consult good mind, live in peace, progress and prosperity. 

173rd Day 

Transliterated Text: 

ahmt manyush rreshyeit dregvat
mazd spett nit ith ashun
kasushct n ashun kth anghat
isvct hs paraosh ak dregvit.

Translated Text: 

Wise One, it is the wrongful, not the righteous,
who continue to keep away from this progressive mentality.
A person of  very small means can be kind to a righteous person,
and a person of great strength can be bad to the wrongful.

(Gathas: Song 12.4) 

Summary Substance: It is clear that the righteous consult the progressive mentality.  The wrongful do not.

As far as relations are concerned, a person of small means can be helpful to a righteous person and so can a rich person.  Both can be bad for the wrongful. (note the poetic mastery:  Poor is good to the righteous and rich is bad to the wrongful) 

Pondering Points:  Poor or rich, use the progressive mentality and be righteous.

174th Day 

Transliterated Text: 

tc spet mainy mazd ahur
ashun cish -zh cc vahisht
hanare thwahmt zaosht dregv baxshait
ahy shyaothanish akt shys manangh.

Translated Text: 

Wise God, it is through this progressive mentality
that You have promised the righteous what indeed is best.
But the wrongful shares little from Your love,
because he lives by the actions of his evil mind.

(Gathas: Song 12.5)           

Summary Substance: The loving Wise God has endowed us with the progressive mentality.  If utilized well and righteously, it leads to a life that is the best.  But one who chooses to think evil, simply cannot share the divine love.  He/she lives a wrong living. 

Pondering Points: God loves us, wants us to have the best of life.  Do we human beings? 

175th Day 

Transliterated Text: 

t d spet mainy mazd ahur
thr vanghu vditm rniby
ramatish debzangh ashaxyc
h z poursh ishet vurit.

Translated Text:

Wise God, You grant good to both these parties
through the progressive mentality by means of fire
 -- light, warmth and energy --
because with the growth of serenity and righteousness,
it shall convert many a seeker.

(Gathas: Song 12.6)

Summary Substance:  The Divine Fire symbolizes the progressive mentality.  It means creativity and promotion through "light, warmth and energy.  It is "Fire' that guides the righteous and the wrongful to light, warmth, energy - a blissful life.  The righteous reach sooner.  The wrongful with painful delays.  The progressive mentality promotes stability and righteousness - a perfect atmosphere to convert every wrongful who seeks to convert into a righteous person.

Pondering Points: Seek light, warmth, and energy to convert into a  righteous person.

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