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Daily Reminders of the 30 Supreme ADORABLE POWERS OF AHURA MAZDA

  1. Ahoora Mazda : HORMAZD : The Omniscient Source of Life (ahu).

  2. Vohoo Mano : BEHMAN : The Good Mind, the Pure Heart. "The pure in Heart shall see God".

  3. Asha Vahishta - ARD-I-BEHESHT: The Supreme Law of the Universe, Righteousness, Neki, Neeti, Reality.

  4. Kshathra Vairya : SHEHREVAR : The Kingdom & Sovereignty of Virtue: Benevolent use of Power Forgiveness, The Ordeal of Life, in a world of unrealities.

  5. Spentaa Aaramaiti : SPENDAARMAD : The Discernment between Right and Wrong : Insight into the Realities of Life (Asha), to distinguish Unrealities (druj).

  6. Hourvataat : KHORDAAD : Perfection cum Universality, of the Ever-abiding Spirituality.

  7. Ameretaat : AMERDAAD : Immortality of the Soul (both six and seven are the joint Condition of the holy Soul). Immortality is Identity with Divinity, --- ALL-LIGHT.

  8. DAE-PA-AADAR : Daadaar's Day before Aadar. (This week is the second week of LIGHT as the first is the week of Ahoora Mazda and His six Absolute Perfections.

  9. Aathra : AADAR : Physical Energy, Intellectual Enlightenment and Spiritual Light. It is the Pillar of Life.

  10. Apaam : AABAAN : the Lustre of Life, resulting from Personal Purity. It is the River of Life's Purity.

  11. Hvarey-Kshaeta : KHORSHED : the Refulgent Sun, the Shining symbol of the Eternal Glory of God.

  12. Maaongha : MOHOR : the Moon, the Satellite of the Earth, (gao-chithra), lit. having its Origin in Earth.

  13. Tishtrya : TIR : the Sirius or Dog star, "the brightest star in the heavens".

  14. Geush : GOSH : the Creator of sentient Life (geush tashan).

  15. DAE-PA-MEHER : Daadaar's Day before Meher (this roj begins the third week of Moral Qualities).

  16. Mithra : MEHER : Law-Light-Love : The Universal Cementing Principle of the Universe. The Scales of Justice, fair-dealing, the Pledge.

  17. Sraosha: SAROSH: the Moral vigilance, The 'Ear', always attentive to Ahoora's Whispers, in Life's clamour.

  18. Rashnu : RASHNEY : the Truth permeating the whole Nature, Justice, in my daily dealings of Life.

  19. Fra-vakshi : FARAVASHI : Fravarteen : FARVARDIN : the Divinity in Humanity. The unfailing Guide of the erring Soul (urvaan). The Soul's Growth-lever, to Perfection.

  20. Verethra-ghna : Varharaan : BEHRAM : the Triumph of Light over Darkness, of Right over Wrong, of Reality (Asha) over Unrealities (druj) of Life.

  21. Raaman : RAAM : the joy Divine of Altruism, i.e the Principle of living for others' ease and Comfort.

  22. Hu-Vaata : GOVAAD : Physically Healthy Atmosphere and Morally helpful Environment, conductive to Religious Life --- Healthy in Body, Mind and Soul.

  23. DAE-PA-DIN : Daadaar's Day before Din. (The fourth and the last week of Theological --- Religious Ideas).

  24. Daenaa : DIN : the Vision on the Path of Life, i.e. Religion. The sum total of Goodness earned by my Inner Being appearing as KERDAAR, the beautiful Form. appearing before the soul, at the Judgement Hour.

  25. Ashishvanguhi : ASHISH-VANGH : God's Blessing, attendant upon a good, moral Life, obedient to the Meaningful Injunctions of Sraosha, "The Pole-Star of Spiritual Life".

  26. Arsh-taat : AASHTAAD : Truth, as realised by the soul's Consciousness (baodhangha), by virtue of a life dedicated to Asha and VOHU Mano.

  27. Asman : AASMAAN : the Sublime and Shining Universe, that is ever expanding.

    "Nature, let me learn one lesson of Thee,
    Of Toil, unservered from Tranquillity".

  28. Zemo hu-daaongho : ZAMYAAD : the light that sustains Consciousness (ushi-darena) at the Height necessary for Higher Life --- Khvarena the Khureh.

  29. Maanthra Spenta : MAARESPAND: the Holy Gospels, embodying the Master Mind of the Prophet, leading the soul to Perfection - Immortality (Yasna 31.6).

  30. Anagranaam : ANERAAN : the myriad of Lights in the heavens, and the Light in the Soul, paving the way to the soul's higher Realms of Light : Heaven is the soul's Enlightened Condition (Vahista ahu, Behesht). Hall is the Darkness, created by poor, miserable understanding.


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